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3M Bair Hugger 775 – Advanced Features for Superior Forced-Air Warming

Bair Hugger 775 - Future gold standard in forced-air warming with advanced features, including adjustable airflow and precise temperature control. Request a quote for superior patient warming!

ACT II Automated Coagulation Timer – Advanced Point-of-Care Hemostasis Management

The ACT II Automated Coagulation Timer is a portable point-of-care instrument designed for advanced hemostasis management. With multiple testing capabilities, including ACT, PT, and aPTT, it is ideal for cardiovascular and vascular surgery, critical care units, and more.

ACT Plus® System – Advanced Coagulation Instrument for Precise Clot Detection

The ACT Plus® System is an advanced coagulation instrument with precise clot detection technology and user-friendly features. Designed for cardiovascular surgery, ECMO, catheterization labs, and more, it offers long-term data storage and connectivity-ready capabilities.

Advanced Conmed 5000™ Electrosurgery Unit for Precision Procedures

Elevate surgical precision with the Conmed 5000™ Electrosurgery Unit. Innovative modes, user-friendly design, and seamless compatibility make it the top choice for advanced procedures.

Advanced Laboratory Refrigerators – Choose Precision and Efficiency with BPR-5V Series

Choose precision and efficiency with our BPR-5V Series Laboratory Refrigerators, available in 68L and 108L capacities. These refrigerators feature advanced temperature control, data storage, and adjustable shelves, making them ideal for laboratory environments.

Advanced LED Operating Lights – Precision Illumination for Surgical Excellence

Elevate your surgical environment with our Advanced LED Operating Lights. With cool and comfortable LED technology, a compact and versatile design, and impressive light levels, our lights provide the perfect illumination for precise surgical procedures. Experience the future of surgical lighting.

Alaris 8210 Nellcor SPO2 Module: Advanced Pulse Oximetry for Comprehensive Patient Monitoring

The Alaris 8210 Nellcor SPO2 Module revolutionizes patient monitoring with advanced pulse oximetry. Offering comprehensive monitoring capabilities, innovative alarm management, and an infusion safeguard, this module ensures precision and safety in continuous, noninvasive monitoring.

Alaris CareFusion 8300 EtCO2 Module: Precision Monitoring for Enhanced Patient Care

The Alaris CareFusion 8300 EtCO2 Module employs microstream NDIR Spectroscopy for precise CO2 monitoring. With a sidestream capnograph design, efficient sampling, and customizable profiles, it reduces risks in opioid infusions, ensuring enhanced patient care.

Allied Healthcare L190-GR Portable Aspirator – Reliable Emergency Suction Anywhere, Anytime

Ensure reliable emergency suction anywhere, anytime with the Allied Healthcare L190-GR Portable Aspirator. Designed for transport, this aspirator offers continuous operation, versatile suction capabilities, and efficient bacteria filtration, making it an indispensable tool for emergency medical scenarios.

Allied Omnivent MRI-Compatible OmniVent Ventilator – Unparalleled Reliability and Performance

Elevate respiratory care with the Allied Omnivent MRI-Compatible OmniVent Ventilator. Unparalleled in reliability and performance, this ventilator exceeds military specifications and offers versatile ventilation modes for a wide range of clinical needs.

Amsco Eagle 3000 Series Medium Sterilizer: Cutting-Edge Microcomputer Control for Precise Sterilization

Discover precision in sterilization with the Amsco Eagle 3000 Series Medium Sterilizer. Equipped with an advanced microcomputer control system and two versatile configurations, this sterilizer ensures accurate cycle setup and monitoring, meeting the highest standards in sterilization technology.

Amsco™ 3080 Surgical Table – Unrivaled Flexibility and Precision

The Amsco™ 3080 Surgical Table offers unparalleled flexibility and precision with a radiolucent top, remote control, adjustable positions, and compatibility with C-ARM systems. Experience efficient and precise patient positioning for a wide range of surgical procedures.